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What A List

11061401 acrylic prints

This image would look beautiful in large public or corporate spaces, and does of course look just as stunning printed at smaller sizes for homes and offices.

15030301 tees


I make my tshirt images round to better suit the form & flow of our bodies. Tees come in a variety of shapes & sizes for all ages, from infants to moms & dads, you can change the color of the shirts and the size of the image too. 


15030305 mugs

My paintings bring a little bit of peace into stressful days.

15030305 framed prints

Choose a size, mat color and framing at the link. Frames use archival matting, (or no matting at the largest sizes) and also come in black, gold & silver.

12112501 mugs

You can move the image around on the mugs if you like, They come in 2 sizes and though they’re called coffee mugs as you know, they have lots of uses and make very nice gifts.

19051415 framed prints


Choose a size, a frame and a mat on the product page. Fine Art America frames these in archival mat papers and has frames in black, gold & silver of different widths.


20052402 puzzles


Jigsaw puzzles come in 500 and 1000 piece sizes and make beautiful gifts in these boxes.


10040809 acrylic panels


Choose the perfect size at the linked page, I suggest hanging wire for this beautiful image instead of the plexiglass posts, and using 2 screws or nails in the wall so it remains level.