I had a few transcendent experiences when I was a kid and have been looking for their source ever since; through dreams, meditation, my writings and my arts. You can click these images to see more.


What I call my ‘Aura’ paintings are intended to bring the messages, healings and energies of spirit lands into our waking lives.


My ‘Flora’ photographs reflect the organic nuance and symmetries we often absently overlook in our busy days.


Notes are thoughts I catch as they wander through my consciousness; some are just passing through, some are camping out. Their topics crisscross a range of issues and emotions.


My dog started this project by digging up our childhood sandbox.  He’d unearthed all that sand my selves’ and siblings’ childhood fingers had run through so many times.  I sifted it until it was silky smooth and poured it in a jar into which I could sometimes swirl my now future fingers and subsequently even further future fingers, mixing our probable realities and hopefully, exchanging some helpful information back and forth.


My ‘Field’ paintings developed from polyptych boards and canvases. The colors range from contemplative to bright, and resonate with each other so the dynamic between them is naturally symbiotic.